My Story

Welcome to Heart and Soul Hustle Apparel LLC, I am Dee the founder and owner of this beautiful company. I am originally from the great city of Inglewood which is in Southern California, but have moved around a couple of times. At one point I lived in East Texas, then moved to the state of Georgia in 2018, which was a move that I had always wanted to make, but being a single mother, I hesitated for a long time. When the opportunity presented itself, I packed up and told my then adult son, I am out of here young man, in search of something that I could be proud of.

I started Heart and Soul Hustle Apparel LLC as a dedication to my late mother who passed away suddenly in 2019. If anyone has lost a parent, that you were extremely close to, knows that this is one of the most heartbreaking experiences and can almost seem like an outer body experience. My mother had Cancer, that caused so many ailments and affected so many of her organs. She was strong through it all and her faith kept her humble, grateful, loving and faithful. She knew that we would worry and showed strength to the end. She fought for 11 years, but no matter good days or challenging days she was a champ. 

She was not able to eat solid food, but she cooked and fed those who were hungry. She gave to those who were less fortunate. I have so many fond memories, even though it hurts, I know she still talks to me. She went through so much during her life, but she was a true lover of everyone and animals. She was a phenomenal woman, God fearing, my SheRo and my bestfriend. 

I wanted to honor my mother's life and memory by any means necessary, so I used the words that she would always say to me and turned it into the company name. She would ALWAYS say "I love you with all my heart and soul". This company will carry on my mother's legacy of true love and spreading her true love to this world. I will continue to do my part helping find a cure for those fighting with this horrible disease. To anyone who is going round for round with this relentless disease, know that someone is praying for you.